Area 15 Fishing Regulations

First, find out what particular area you are going to be fishing in. Then, you need to determine whether or not the species you are wanting to catch is open. After that, you must then make sure you will not be fishing in a closed area. Pay close attention to the many "Rockfish Conservation Areas" (RCA's) in the area, as there is no hook-and-line fishing allowed at all in these areas. You may drop prawn and crab traps in these areas, but all hook-and-line fishing is prohibited, even if you're not fishing for rockfish. Also, if fishing for salmon, refer to the linked Chinook and Coho closures document below to make sure there is no seasonal non-retention closure for the area you are going to fish. If harvesting shellfish, make sure you there are no sanitary closures and that harvesting is not otherwise prohibited due to being in a marine park or other protected area.

Other than that, make sure you know the size limits, daily catch limits and posession limits for the species you wish to retain and you're good to go! Please contact us if you have any specific questions regarding limits or transportation of your catch; we know the local area regulations inside and out.

Click Here To Access Area 15 Tidal Area Fishing Regulations(Lund, Powell River, Texada)

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